Elastic (Flexible) BLOC-O-LIFT locking gas spring

Variable Adjustment Option with Elastic Locking In its standard version, the BLOC-O-LIFT is an elastic locking gas spring that not only allows you to adjust furniture and flaps conveniently and easily, but also to position them variably, where they will be held safely. Its preferred use is in the backrest adjustment of swivel chairs, where a slight bounce is desirable from an ergonomic point of view.

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The locking function is made possible by a special piston / valve system which creates a leak-proof separation between the two pressure chambers in the spring. With the valve open, BLOC-O-LIFT will provide force assist, ensuring user-friendly motion sequences due to its predefined damping characteristics. When the valve is closed, the gas spring will lock with a slight bounce in the desired position.

The standard BLOC-O-LIFT is filled with gas and should be installed with the piston rod pointing down.

Elastic (Flexible)  BLOC-O-LIFT locking gas spring


● Variable elastic locking and optimized weight compensation during lifting, lowering, opening, and closing

● Comfortable bouncing and damping of shocks, impacts, or sudden peak loads

● Flat spring characteristic curve; i.e., low force increase even for high forces or large strokes

● Compact design for installation in small spaces

● Easy mounting due to a variety of end fitting options

Application Example

● Elastic locking in backrest adjustment of swivel chairs or massage chairs

● Height adjustment of physician’s stools with foot actuation

● Generally suited for elastic locking of elements where no additional loads need to be held besides the application load

Elastic (Flexible)  BLOC-O-LIFT locking gas spring (2)

The BLOC-O-LIFT gas springs are so-called locking gas springs.

They are used for functions such as adjustments with force support, damping, as well as infinitely variable locking. This is achieved with a special piston valve system. If the valve is open, BLOC-O-LIFT provides force support and damping. If the valve is closed, the gas spring locks and provides high resistance to any motion.

Basically, there are two types of valve design: a sliding valve with standard actuation of 2.5 mm, and the seat valve with an actuation of 1 mm for extremely short actuation distances.

BLOC-O-LIFT can have spring or rigid locking. The rigid locking version is available as orientation-specific or no orientation specific. Depending on the application, BLOC-O-LIFT can be equipped with a patented, corrosion-free actuation tappet.

Primary application areas for BLOC-O-LIFT gas springs are furniture manufacture, medical technology, building technology, aviation and aeronautics, automotive design, and many industrial applications. 

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