Kitchen Cabinet Rubber damper Buffers Soft Closers

Gas spring buffer cabinet gas spring is an elastic element with gas and liquid as the working medium. It is composed of pressure pipe, piston, piston rod and several connecting pieces. Its interior is filled with high-pressure nitrogen. Because there is a through hole in the piston, the gas pressures at both ends of the piston are equal, but the sectional areas at both sides of the piston are different. One end is connected with a piston rod and the other end is not. Under the effect of gas pressure, the pressure towards the side with small sectional area is generated, That is, the elastic force of the gas spring. The size of the elastic force can be set by setting different nitrogen pressures or piston rods with different diameters. Air spring of buffer cabinet is widely used in component lifting, support, gravity balance and replacing excellent mechanical spring. The air spring of buffer cabinet is produced with the latest structure of oil circuit circulation to control the gas displacement, with the excellent characteristics of rising buffer and light in place.

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